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LNVH Spring Symposium 2016


LNVH Spring Symposium - Wat breng(t) je naar de boardroom?

Donderdag 26 mei 2016
BCN Utrecht CS

Geen enkel bedrijf voldeed in 2015 aan het wettelijke streefcijfer van 30% vrouwen in de top van het bedrijfsleven. Minister Bussemaker is niet tevreden: met name het proces rond vacatures in de top van het bedrijfsleven is volgens haar te veel een black box waar een old boys network de banen verdeelt. Vrouwelijk bestuurlijk talent is er echter genoeg, ook in de wetenschap. Op 26 mei 2016 vond het LNVH Spring Symposium plaats, dat in samenwerking met Deloitte Academy werd georganiseerd. Het programma (zie downloads) bood deelnemers een praktische mogelijkheid hun bestuurlijke ambities te verkennen en (verder) te verwezenlijken.

Tijdens de middag deelden sprekers in hun ervaring in en expertise over de boardroom. Tal van onderwerpen passeerden de revue: benodigde kennis, relevante expertise, het timen van boardfuncties in de wetenschappelijke loopbaan, wervings- en selectieprocedure, het ontdekken en benadrukken van de eigen toegevoegde waarde in de boardroom.

Een korte impressie met de belangrijkste adviezen van de middag vindt u onder 'downloads'.


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Presentations Spring Symposium 2015

On April 10, 2015 the LNVH Spring Symposium took place at the Muntgebouw in Utrecht. Title of the symposium: Women in Science - Academic Leadership Roles Redefined. Please find the presentations given during this one-day symposium, as well as outcomes of the afternoon discussion, below. LNVH thanks all the speakers, coaches, panellists and participants for their great contribution to the success of the symposium.  For an overview of the program, please click here.  


Spring Symposium 2015


April 10, 2015
Muntgebouw, Utrecht


'Vrouwen aan de macht in academisch mannenbastion' [women holding power in an academic men's world]: a Volkskrant headline after the inauguration of Rianne Letschert as president of The Young Academy – only weeks after announcing José van Dijck as the new president of the KNAW. Female leadership in academia is as relevant as ever. During the LNVH Spring Symposium we will give the floor to inspiring women who are 'leading' or 'leader' in both policy making as in research. In afternoon workshops several aspects of leadership are explored: taking charge of your career and private life, leading and communicating, leadership ambition, using your network to your advantage. The symposium will be closed of with a discussion on best practices and the need for improved policy (making) on developing leadership skills within academic institutions. As per usual, the LNVH Symposium will celebrate the laureates of the Distinguished Women Scientists Fund.

We invite PhDs, postdocs, assistant/associate and full professors (M/F) from Dutch universities and university medical centres, as well as policy makers and policy advisors in the field of Women & Science (in the broad sense).

Keywords: academic leadership, leadership skills, pro-active engagement, work&talk, private coaching sessions, improving policy (making), influence from empowerment, networking lunch, information&inspiration, leading by example, Distinguished Women Scientists Fund.

Participating in this event (including workshops) is free, but places are limited. Sign up for the Spring Symposium (and pick your afternoon workshop) on our website. Places are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Progress is important. Solving problems or addressing issues is one way to speed things up and move forward in your career. A full conference room not always the ideal place to do this in. The LNVH is keen on supporting personal development of (women) scientists. That is why certified coaches and experts present will offer free coaching and/or consultant sessions during the day. Please indicate on the registration form on our website if and why you are interested in a private coaching session on work related matters.



  • 2015 Spring Symposium LNVH
  • April 10, 2015
  • 10h00 – 18h00
  • Muntgebouw Utrecht (15 minute walk from Utrecht CS)
  • Leidseweg 90, 3531 BG Utrecht
  • No entrance fee
  • Working languages English and Dutch

The LNVH Board and Bureau are looking forward to welcoming you on April 10. Please make sure to register in time! 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at  

Please feel free to extend this invitation to anyone else you think would be interested in the LNVH Spring Symposium. 


Workshops Spring Symposium

Description workshops Spring Symposium 2015

Tiara Workshop: Finding and using your voice

Facilitator: Franciska Moors, Anja Hoonhorst
Leaders face an enormous challenge every day to communicate in an effective manner that will improve critical outcomes. Have you been in a situation when your vision, your thoughts or ideas were not heard or were not taken seriously? Have you opted to avoid speaking up, or on the flip side, spoke up then met with resistance? This is a great opportunity for you to find your True Leadership Voice, practice using it, clarify it, strengthen it and discover it’s resonance and influence. This is not a communication skills training, but a clarification of who you are being as a leader. At the end of this workshop, you will:
-Find your True Leadership Voice
-Identify situations and patterns that cause you to go silent
-Learn tools and techniques for using your voice powerfully at all times

Tiara Workshop: How to Lead From Inspiration

Facilitators: Marjolein Nagel, Caroline Baan
Your awareness and ability to know yourself is paramount as a leader. In this workshop we will explore the heart of leadership. While this process is important for any leader, it is critically important for women. True leadership starts with your sense of purpose, mission or calling. As a leader, you will face challenges and obstacles. Being connected to your inspiration motivates you in any circumstance. It is your power source. True leadership also requires you to be clear about your strengths, values, priorities, motivators and failings. It requires an authentic acceptance of yourself so you can develop your own leadership style and presence. In this workshop, you will:
-Deepen your connection to your mission and purpose
-Create a personal mission statement
-Understand your core leadership values and what it will take to lead from them

Direction Workshop: Ambition

An interactive workshop on ambition. We take a closer look at the following questions: What does ambition mean? How clear is your picture of what you want to achieve? Why is it important to know what it is that motivates you and what it is you want? Why do female and male ambitions have different effects?

Direction Workshop: "The Rules of the game” and Networking

Together we explore the unwritten rules in the world of science. How should the game be played in the organization you work for? When do you get your promotion, are you considered successful? With a better understanding of the rules of the game you will do your work more relaxed and efficaciously. Women often have too little vertical network relationships with the "power / hierarchy ", so they are less visible and their qualities are less well recognized and appreciated. What does your current personal network looks like? Let us look at it together. We’ll give you tips that might make it easier for you to go straight to the right people.


Over Direction Europe:

'Onze visie op ontwikkeling van individuen, teams en afdelingen en organisaties heeft een stevig fundament. Direction heeft aan de basis gestaan van vijf jaar wetenschappelijk en vijf jaar praktijkonderzoek naar de succesfactoren van High Performance Organisaties. De succesfactoren van dit wereldwijde onderzoek in 50 landen, bij meer dan 2.500 organisaties, vormen de basis van ons aanbod in leiderschap en diversiteit & inclusion programma’s. Zo helpen wij u, uw afdeling en uw organisatie echt verbeteren!'

Based in the U.S. and the Netherlands, Tiara International LLC is a global company formed by partners who are leading business consultants and executive coaches. Since 2007, we have been redefining leadership for women in the workplace and inspiring them to lead in ways that fulfill their purpose and potential. Our programs begin with the premise that each woman is a leader whether or not she has a formal leadership role. She is a leader in her career and her life. Women who make professional choices from this foundational belief are the female talent who advance.
We address leadership from the inside out and prepare female leaders to lead powerfully by integrating their authentic style and their ability to produce results consistently through their leadership. We especially support women to take the critical step of moving from “producing results” to “being the leader”, at the forefront of their life and business.
Tiara engages with organizations that are serious about moving talented women through the leadership pipeline. Tiara also works with individual professional women to develop their natural leadership presence. And, we foster a Global Tiara Community for all women choosing to lead lives that inspire them.


Presentations Fall Symposium 2013

On December 11th 2013 the annual LNVH Fall Symposium took place in Wassenaar. This year's theme: Women in Science, Reflecting on Progress. Please find the presentations given during this one-day symposium below. LNVH thanks all the speakers, coaches and NIAS for their great contribution to the success of the symposium. And the participants for coming all the way to Wassenaar and contributing so actively during the debates and discussions. For an overview of the program, please click here.  

Click here to see our Distinguished Women Scientists Fund laureate Suzette Elias-Smale talk about the research project that won her the DWSF-award.


Program LNVH Fall Symposium 2013


Leafs are falling, days are becoming shorter. 2013 is coming to an end. Time for the necessary end-of-the-year reflection. Picture the woods of Wassenaar, a conference room full of inspiring people and interesting speeches, interactive lectures and lively discussions. The LNVH and NIAS warmly invite you to the Fall Symposium 2013: Women in science - Reflecting on progress on 11 December 2013. The perfect place to reflect on the achievements of the past year and to make plans for the following. Join us and go home with input, ideas, energy and inspiration for 2014. End goal: tools for progress in your personal academic career, tools for helping others getting there. All this in order to reach the ultimate goal: a proportionate representation of women within the university community.

For: Postdocs, assistant/associate and full professors (M/F) from Dutch universities and university medical centres. Policy makers and policy advisors in the field of Women & Science (in the broad sense).

Special guest and keynote speaker: professor Curt Rice, Vice President Research and Development at the University of Tromsø (Norway), fellow at NIAS and author of the book 6 Steps to Gender Equality (December 2012).

Keywords: mentoring&success, private coaching sessions, national and international best practices on gender balance in academia, influence from empowerment, networking lunch, tenure tracks, Distinguished Women Scientists Fund, musical and theatrical moments of reflection.

Progress is important. Solving problems or addressing issues is one way to speed things up and move forward in your career. A full conference room not always the ideal place to do this in. That is why the coaches and experts present will offer free coaching and/or consultant sessions during the day. Please indicate on the registration form on our website if and why you are interested in a private coaching session on work related matters.

Participating in this event is free. Registration is closed. 


  • 2013 Fall Symposium LNVH/NIAS Conference for Women in Science
  • December 11th 2013
  • 10h30 – 18h00
  • Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Meijboomlaan 1, 2242 PR, Wassenaar
  • No entrance fee
  • Working languages English and Dutch

NIAS is situated in the residential area of “Rijksdorp”, located between the beach and the village of Wassenaar. Transportation to and from the venue will be provided (Leiden Central Station - NIAS and vice versa). Preliminary programme in attachment. Questions? - 030-6001361.