Academic Networks

Networks of women at universities

A good network is invaluable when it comes to moving on to a higher position. The LNVH works together with the local academic networks in order to achieve our mutual goal: a proportionate representation of women in academia.

The web brochure Networks of women at universities strives to inform academics and university executives and university administrators about the role that networks of women can play, as well as give hints and tips on how to set up such a network.

Here below you will find an overview of university- and other relevant networks. Additions and corrections are much appreciated, and can be sent to:

At the bottom of this page you can download a pdf file with information on networks, and how these can be set up. If you are a board member of a academic network for women in science, we invite you to join our linkedin group.


University networks for women 

alphabetically, per university

Academisch Medisch Centrum Amsterdam

network CURA

founded 2010
for ambitious women at Higher education level who wish to further develop their careers
activities/ goals: to inform and raise awareness of gender aspects, professionalization (through training, role models), mentoring and peer review, networking.
site only accessible via Intranet AMC


Erasmus MC

network VENA, Vrouwen binnen Erasmus MC Netwerk voor Academici

founded 2001
for female academics Erasmus MC
activities/ goals; meeting and career support
Website: VENA
T: +31 10 70 32 027


Erasmus Universiteit 

network ENVH, EUR Netwerk Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren

founded 2007
for female professors EUR
activities/ goals:
to give a face to female professors, relevant link
Website: ENVH


Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum

network VITAAL 

founded 2008
for academic staff
activities/ goals: events, newsletter


Universiteit Leiden

network RISE: Researchers in Science for Equality

founded 2015
for female beta scientists of Leiden University, Faculty of Science.
activities/ goals: Create an inspiring community in which female scientists can exchange ideas, innovations and expertise related to beta sciences by organizing networking luncheons and seminars; workshops aimed at personal and professional development; and an annual symposium (male staff is invited to participate), enhance the visibility of female top researchers at the Faculty of Science, facilitate intervision groups and mentoring activities, and advise the Faculty Board on their diversity policy
Website: RISE: Researchers in Science for Equality

Network Sophia

Founded in 2017
For female academic staff.
Activities/goals: Sophia strives for equal opportunities and a better working environment for female academic staff. Sophia wants to actively contribute to implementing the University's diversity and inclusiveness policy. They aim to do this by having direct contact with women academics and converting the issues they raise into proposals for policy to be put to the Executive Board.
Sophia wants to make it clear that the network also welcomes men who would like to contribute to Sophia's mission. In organising activities, Sophia believes it is important to pay attention to diversity in terms of job level, gender, age, cultural background, sexual orientation and functional disabilities.
Website: Sophia


Maastricht University

network Center for Gender & Diversity (CGD)

for female staff
activities/ goals: conferences and workshops
Website: Center for Gender & Diversity (CGD)


Radboud Universiteit

network WVH Werkgroep Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren

founded 2001
for female staff
activities/ goals: promoting and facilitating the exchange of experiences, mutual support, and to advocate interests
Website: WVH Werkgroep Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren

network Halkes Women Faculty Network Nijmegen

founded 2012
for women, from assistant professor to associate professor
activities/ goals: Contribute to the promotion of female talent to higher university positions, through lectures, seminars, workshops, get-togethers and themed luncheons. Meetings are open to f/m at every level
Website: Halkes Women Faculty Network Nijmegen

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

network LVN Letteren Vrouwen Netwerk

 founded 1997
for female staff of the Faculty of Arts
activities/ goals: workshops, lectures, forum for gender equality issues, consultation with the faculty board, professionalization of women, influencing policy-making.
info: (Margriet Hoogvliet, board secretary)
Website: LVN Letteren Vrouwen Netwerk

TU Delft

network DEWIS Delft Women in Science

founded 2006
for female academics within TUDelft
activities/ goals: advisor to University Board, sound boarding, encouraging women in their personal, professional, and academic careers.
Website: DEWIS Delft Women in Science

TU Eindhoven

network WISE Women In Science

founded 2007
for academic staff
activities/ goals: meetings, workshops, lectures, advisor to University Board, advocating the promotion of women
website:WISE Women In Science

Universiteit van Tilburg

network FemFactor

founded 2011
for women within the Universiteit van Tilburg
activities/ goals: enhancing the visibility and utilization of female talent within the UvT
info dr Mirjam Baars,

Network for Women

Founded 2018
Activities / goals: to equip women with tools that can advance their careers by exchanging knowledge, experience and contacts. The network also aims to have a positive influence on the politics, policies and practices at Tilburg University to reach a better representation of women in higher positions.
Website: Network for Women

Universiteit Twente

network FFNT Female Faculty Network Twente

 founded 2002
for academic staff
activities/ goals: the exchange of ideas and experiences, professional workshops, meetings, professionalization of female academics.
Website: FFNT Female Faculty Network Twente

network Ambassadeursnetwerk
activities/ goals: advisor to University Board on the promotion of women , appointed by the University Board.

network OBP Vrouwennetwerk
founded 2007
for support staff UTwente
activities/ goals: network meetings.

Universiteit Utrecht

network Vrouwennetwerk UU, for all staff and students (v/m) with an interest in (gender)diversity
founded 1985
for female staff of the UU
activities/ goals:
meetings, panels, career support activities, dissemination of information , helpdesk- and advise, enhancing the position of women within the UU. Magazine Pandora is published 6 times a year, check the online archive.

Twitter: @UU_VN; LinkedIn: Vrouwennetwerk Universiteit Utrecht

network IWFT Expertisenetwerk Gender en Religie
founded 2000
for female academic staff and students of Theology
activities/ goals: newsletters, workshops, media training, stimulating the development of women’s studies theology, strengthening the position of women.

network Feminer, for ambitious students and graduates
founded 2018
activities/goals: meetings, connecting to pioneers and role models

network Young Women of Geoscience (YWOG), for Female PhDs and Postdocs in the Geosciences Faculty of Utrecht University
founded 2017
activities/goals: lunchmeetings, workshops, discussions, networking sessions.

network Women in Information and Computing Sciences (WICS)
founded in 2017
activities/goals: connecting women in Information and Computing Sciences beyond the lunch meetings.

Universiteit van Amsterdam

network WiF Women in the FNWI
founded 2007
for women within the Science Faculty
activities/ goals:
informal contact, yearly meetings, award for best scientific publication, mentoring/coaching, promoting the number of women FNWI.
president Alejandra Castro Anick

 network Vrouwennetwerk FGw
founded 2007
for women within the Faculty of Humanities
activities/ goals: meetings with guest speakers, coaching, peer review, sharing knowledge and experiences.

Wageningen Universiteit

network VWI Vrouwennetwerk Wageningse Ingenieurs
founded in 1989
for the network of female graduates, PhD’s and employees 
activities/ goals: yearly conferences, themed days, workshops and field trips, themed groups, exchange of knowledge and experience.


National networks

network LNVH Landelijk Netwerk Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren
founded in 2001
for women professors and associate professors in the Netherlands
activities/ goals: conferences, workshops (also for postdoc and assistant professors), peer review, mediation for committee- and executive positions, representation of interests at OCW, NWO, KNAW, VSNU, NFU, CvB’s
info at 

network Medicine Eating Club
for female (medical) doctors
acitivities/goals: network meeting with dinner, once or twice yearly
info at

network Marina van Damme Network
founded in 2016
'Hét netwerk voor jonge afgestudeerde vrouwen met ambitie en passie voor hun vak. De Marina van Damme beurs wordt uitgereikt aan veelbelovende alumni van de drie technische universiteiten in Delft, Eindhoven en Twente. Al deze winnaressen samen vormen het inspirerende, creatieve en actieve Marina van Damme netwerk.'

network GAIA
founded in 1999
for women in Geosciences
activities/ goals: network dinners, lectures and excursions.

network NGV Nederlands Genootschap Vrouwenstudies
for students, researchers, and other interested parties (f/m)
activities/ goals: dedicates itself to gender studies and the position of women in academia, brings people and information together, offers advice, initiates and support new projects.

network NIMF Network for Informaticae, Mathematicae, Fysicae
founded in 1987
for computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists, and related disciplines (e.g. engineering, geology, astronomy, and meteorology)
activities/ goals: conferences, mentoring, peer review, etc., improving contacts between beta-women.
info at

network EWM-The Netherlands
EWM The Netherlands (EWM-NL) is a plat-form for all female professional mathemati-cians working in The Netherlands and forms the Dutch branch of the European Women in Mathematics (EWM). Established in 2013, it is supported and financed by Platform Wiskunde Nederland (PWN) and the Nether-lands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). EWM-NL is organized through an executive and an advisory board.

network NVI Network Female Engineers
founded in 2009
for female engineerss within KIVI NIRIA (Koninklijk Instituut van Ingenieurs)
activities/ goals: spider in the web of networks of women within Technical Universities en Universities of applied science en the technical industry. Professional development, exchange of ideas, promoting participatieon of women in technical and public positions.
info at

network Nederlandse Vereniging Gender en Gezondheid
founded in 2017
Aim of the Dutch Society for Gender and Health is to foster a sex- and gender-sensitive approach of health and disease in research, education, and care practices in order to foster better healthcare for women and men. Such an approach is multidisciplinary and starts from an intersectional perspective.
info at

network VNAN Womennetwork Arnhem en Nijmegen
founded in 1984
for working, professional and ambitious women
activities/ goals: theme nights, discussions, workshops, company visits, promoting career- and personal development through the sharing of knowledge and experience.

network VNGW Womennetwork Geesteswetenschappen
founded in 2006
for young female researchers in the Humanities
activities/ goals: network get togethers, themed discussions  with guest speakers..
info at

network vnVA Vereniging van Nederlandse Vrouwelijke Artsen
founded in 1933
for female (medical) doctors
activities/ goals: ambassadorial network, coaching, conferences, strengthening position through utilisation of talents, creating interest for gender specific medicine.
info at

network Young Girls Community
Founded in 2014
activities / goals: growing group of talented business women.
info at 

network VVAO Vereniging van vrouwen met academische opleiding
Lid van International Federation of University Women (IFUW)
founded in 1918
for women with higher education; Bachelor or higher
activities/ goals: workshops and training sessions for the personal development of its members.
info at

Network: Women in Photonics in Benelux
for: females working in academics, industry and research institutes in the area of Optics and Photonics. PhD, Master and HBO students are also encouraged to join. Free of charge.
activities/ goals:
networking, organisation of symposia, meetings and workshops. Our goals are to encourage women to pursue and/or grow in a career in the areas of optics and photonics in the industry, research institutes, universities, and education). We are sponsored by the PhotonicsNL organisation.
info s.m.garciablanco[at] or s.f.pereira[at]

network WOW Women on the Web
founded in 1996
for: women on the internet (academic, business); all disciplines.
activities/ goals: spring get-togethers, contact via the web.


International networks

European Platform of Women Scientists

BeWise, Belgian Women in Science

EMBO Women in Science

Universität Münster: Büro für Gleichstellung 

MWIA Medical Women Int’l Association

FEBS Federation of European Biochemical Societies 

Nordic Network for Women Physics

DIB Deutscher Ingenieurinnen Bund

SWE Society for Women Engineers

WITEC European Association for Women in Science Engineering & Technologie

EWM European Women in Mathematics

IOWME International Organisation of Women in Mathematics 

Network: Women in Photonics in Benelux:  Linkedin Group (

founded in 2015.
for females working in academics, industry and research institutes in the area of Optics and Photonics. PhD, Master and HBO students are also encouraged to join. Free of charge.
activities/ goals:
networking, organisation of symposia, meetings and workshops. Our goals are to encourage women to pursue and/or grow in a career in the areas of optics and photonics in the industry, research institutes, universities, and education).  

We are sponsored by the PhotonicsNL organisation ( 

info or

T: +31 15 27 82474