Board & Bureau

LNVH board - general information

The LNVH board currently consists of six members:

Yvonne Benschop, chair
Tanya Bondarouk
Annelien de Dijn
Neelke Doorn  
Sarah Giest
Kiki Lombarts
Sera Markoff


Yvonne Benschop

Yvonne Benschop is Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Institute for Management Research at Radboud University, the Netherlands. She has a background in political science and in business adminstration. She is the director of the interdisciplinary research group Gender and Power in Politics and Management. Inspired by feminist organization theories and critical management studies, she studies formal and informal organization processes that produce organizational inequalities, and interventions to change these processes and inequalities.

She currently works on sustaining organizational change to intersectional equality in research and innovation organizations within the Horizon Europe funded Centre of Excellence on Inclusive Gender Equality, INSPIRE. She has received multiple grants from Horizon Europe, Horizon 2020, FP7, ESF-EQUAL, NWO-STW, several Ministries in the Netherlands and Flanders, and private organizations for her work on the responsibility of organizations for gender equality, diversity and inclusion. She was Co-Editor in Chief of Organization between 2015- 2020, sits on the Distinguished Advisory Board of Gender, Work and Organization, and serves on the editorial boards of several other journals, including Organization Theory, British Journal of Management and Human Relations.

Yvonne Benschop is an LNVH board member since December 2023 and Chair since April 2024.

Tanya Bondarouk

Tanya Bondarouk is Professor of HRM and Technology at the University of Twente (The Netherlands), where she is the head of the HRM research group. Authoring more than 100 international journals and book chapters publications, more than 10 scholarly books, and editing special issues in international refereed journals, T. Bondarouk has been conducting research into an integration of HRM and Technology, examining conditions for e-HRM implementations and benefits of digitalisation for the HRM function. In 2018 she got two awards, “The Best HRM Professor in the Netherlands”, and “The Inspiration Award of the University of Twente”. Since 2020, Tanya has been actively involved in the Recognition and Rewards Dutch program, where she advocates for diversity in career paths, diversity in recognition of individual and team effort in academia. With the origins in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), trained in chemistry and management, T. Bondarouk sees her next challenge as to inspire women professors, to engage in talent development in academia in The Netherlands and abroad.

Tanya Bondarouk is an LNVH board member since November 2021.

Annelien de Dijn 

Annelien is professor of Modern Political History at Utrecht University. She was educated at the University of Leuven in Belgium and at Columbia University. After that, she was a professor of political theory at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands as well as a NIAS Senior Research Fellow (2015-2016). Her research focuses on the history of political thought in Europe and in the United States, from antiquity to the present. She is chair of the Political History research group. 

 Annelien de Dijn is an LNVH board member since December 2022.

Neelke Doorn

Neelke Doorn is professor of Ethics of Water Engineering at Delft University of Technology. With backgrounds in Civil Engineering, Philosophy, and Law, and ten years of experience as a research engineer at the water research institute Deltares, her current work focuses on moral questions in water engineering, policy, and climate change. She combines philosophical approaches with empirical investigations and modelling techniques.

Neelke has received multiple European and national grants, including two grants from the NWO talent programme for projects on ‘The ethics of flood risk management’ (Veni) and on ‘Responsibility arrangements in resilience policy for climate adaptation’ (Vidi). She is a research fellow in the 10-year Gravitation project ‘Ethics of socially disruptive technologies’. Between 2014 and 2020, she served as co-Editor-in-Chief of Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology, the journal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology. She is regularly invited to advisory committees for her expertise at the intersection of technology and ethics.

Neelke Doorn is an LNVH board member since July 2024.

Sarah Giest

Sarah Giest is a Professor of Public Policy with a focus on Innovation and Sustainability at the Public Administration Institute of Leiden University. She has been developing an interdisciplinary research agenda and teaching for technical, environmental and social solutions that shape sustainable societies through a policy lens. To shape the field in particular around innovation policy, Sarah published the book The Capacity to Innovate.

Sarah was the Chair of the Young Academy Leiden, a select group of young academics at Leiden University, which serves as a platform to bring young, enthusiastic and driven early career (post-PhD) academics together. As part of her work with the Young Academy Leiden, Sarah was involved in the Strategic Plan and the Academia in Motion Program at Leiden University. She is the Vice-President of the International Public Policy Association and Chair of the Area 1 Committee (Data-driven Transformations in Policy and Governance) of the Data and Policy Journal. Sarah is a recognized expert for international organizations, such as the UN, the OECD and the European Commission. Sarah further focuses on the challenges of the early-career research community in different capacities by participating in university-wide and international conversations. Linked to this, she is looking forward to emphasizing that everyone benefits from a diverse environment, which means equal access to all positions in academia for women and linking this to the larger discussion on rewards and recognition in the Netherlands.

Sarah Giest is an LNVH board member since January 2024.

Kiki Lombarts

Kiki Lombarts is professor (2013) in physicians’ professional performance at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is the founder and leader of the Professional Performance & Compassionate Care research group. She is a fellow at Stanford Medicine’s Presence Center, Stanford University, CA, USA. She is member of the non-executive board of governors of the Amphia Hospital (Breda, the Netherlands), member of the Senate of the University of Amsterdam, member of the ZonMW Program Committee on Gender & Health, member of the Advise Council of the Protestant Theological University, member of the Council of Recommendation of ‘Leading Doctors’ and member of the Committee of Patronage of PPP (Positive Perception Program) – Care. 

On joining the LNVH board she says: "I feel honoured to be presented as the newest board member of the Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH). Thank you LNVH for this important position. Please be assured of my enthousiasm for and commitment to further strengthening the position and professional fulfilment of women -of all backgrounds- in academia! Gender equality is not ‘just’ about equal representation of women in all positions, and in particular in positions of power. Ultimately it is about justice. Women are still experiencing a gender gap to the invisible but undoubtedly masculine norm in academia: in the way we treat female academics, organise our institutions and value our researchers. Let’s get to work!"

Kiki Lombarts is an LNVH board member since August 2022. 

Sera Markoff

Sera Markoff works at the interface of astrophysics and astroparticle physics with a focus on the most extreme objects in the Universe, black holes.  

Originally from the USA, after a BSc in Physics at M.I.T. and a PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Arizona in 2000, she moved to Germany as a Humboldt Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy. After that she returned to M.I.T. as a (US) National Science Foundation Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow, and then started as faculty at UvA's Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy in 2006, where since 2017 she is professor of Theoretical High-Energy Astrophysics. She has been awarded several prestigious personal research awards such as the NWO VIDI and VICI, and was co-PI of the seven-institute EU-FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network “Black Hole Universe” (2008-2012). In 2014, she was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society, and in 2015 she was the Tinsley Centennial Visiting Professor at University of Texas, Austin.

Sera finds community organisation, activism and outreach important. She helped set up the Gravitation and Astroparticle Physics Amsterdam (GRAPPA) Centre of Excellence at UvA. She helped found the Women in the Faculty of Science (WiF) network at UvA, along with Prof. Marian Joëls, in 2007, and helped initiate the successful MacGillavry Tenure-track Fellowship for women. She enjoys engaging the public, and beyond giving talks also carries out structural activities with elementary school children from diverse backgrounds. She was awarded the Willem de Graaff prize from the Royal Netherlands Astronomical Society in 2019 for her public outreach activities.

Sera Markoff is an LNVH board member since December 2019.

LNVH bureau

The bureau is the beating heart of the LNVH. Located in Utrecht, it houses a managing director, a programme officer and a secretary. They support, amongst many other things, the board in executing the long term policy. Please contact us directly or via our secretary for answers to your questions, policy advice, for/with suggestions for events, nominations, interesting facts and figures, articles. We are more than happy to help you. The bureau can be contacted via: 030 600 1361 or

Drs. Lidwien Poorthuis (1982) is managing director and senior policy advisor at the LNVH. She studied French Language and Culture and Business and Organisation at Utrecht University and has been working in higher education and research for over 15 years. Since October 2013, she heads the bureau of the LNVH where she is responsible for policy making and policy development and the initiation and support of projects and activities in order to promote the proportionate representation of women within the Dutch university community. Contact Lidwien Poorthuis at: 06 15207225 | 030 600 1361 or

Sophie Reinders (1984) is programme manager at the LNVH. Sophie studied Dutch language and culture and Dutch literature at the University of Amsterdam. She obtained her PhD at Radboud University Nijmegen for research into friendship booklet of aristocratic, young women in the 16th and 17th centuries and worked as an assistant professor in early modern history at Utrecht University. In July 2021, she joined the LNVH Bureau team. Contact Sophie Reinders at 030 600 1342 |

Irma Scheer (1980) is secretary at the LNVH. She studied Graphic Design at the Utrecht Art & Design College and has worked as a graphic designer for over 10 years. In August 2017 Irma decided to make a career switch and joined the LNVH Bureau team. Contact Irma Scheer at