Board & Bureau

LNVH board - general information

The LNVH board consists of five members:

Hanneke Takkenberg, chair
Sandra Groeneveld
Sandra Ponzanesi
Henriette Prast
Moniek Tromp



Hanneke Takkenberg

Hanneke Takkenberg is a clinical epidemiologist and professor of clinical decision making in cardiothoracic interventions at the department of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery in Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam. She is married and has 4 daughters.
After obtaining her MD at VU in 1994, she worked for 2 years in Los Angeles, and then returned to The Netherlands to pursue a scientific career in clinical cardiovascular practice. In 2002 she obtained her PhD in cardiovascular clinical epidemiology at Erasmus University Rotterdam and started her research group in Erasmus MC. In 2007 she co-founded with Jolien Roos-Hesselink VENA, the Erasmus MC Network of Academic Women. In 2012 she was appointed professor.
Hanneke is a scientific leader in the field of heart valve disease and currently president-elect of the Heart Valve Society (HVS). Her research focuses on clinical decision making and patient empowerment including translation of this knowledge to clinical practice through the development and implementation of patient information portals and decision aids for patients with heart disease.
Gender diversity and diversity&inclusion as a tool to improve research and achieve an inclusive scientific community are cornerstones of her work as Chief Diversity Officer at Erasmus University (2015-present). Professor Takkenberg is chair of the Erasmus Female Professors Network board and advisory board member for Erasmus Center for Women and Organisations.

Hanneke Takkenberg is a LNVH board member since January 1 2018. 

Sandra Groeneveld

Sandra Groeneveld is a Professor in Public Management in the Institute of Public Administration of Leiden University. She teaches in the fields of organization theory and public management as well as on research methodology and quantitative research methods and techniques. Her research interests include the structure and management of public organizations, focusing particularly on questions of diversity management, leadership and organizational change.
Before joining Leiden University she was employed at the Department of Public Administration of Erasmus University Rotterdam as an assistant professor (2006-2011) and as an associate professor (2011-2014). From 2009 until 2013 she also served as the executive director of the Netherlands Institute of Government (NIG), the Dutch national graduate school for public administration and political science. In 2014 she was appointed full professor at Leiden University. She is currently involved in the establishment of the Leiden Leadership Centre, an expertise center on public leadership at Leiden University.

Sandra Groeneveld is a LNVH board member since September 2018.

Sandra Ponzanesi

Sandra Ponzanesi is Professor of Gender and Postcolonial Studies, Department of Media and Culture Studies/Graduate Gender Programme, Utrecht University and Head of Humanities at Utrecht University College, the Netherlands. Among her interests is the reception of the postcolonial field in relation to the cultural industry, the understanding of the notion of Europe from a postcolonial perspective, postcolonial cinema studies, and the exploration of digital literacies of migrants in transnational contexts. She is currently project leader of the ERC consolidator grant “Digital Crossings in Europe: Gender, Diaspora and Belonging.” The project aims to investigate the relation between migration and digital technologies, in particular the way in which the ‘connected migrant’ contributes to new forms of European integration and cosmopolitan citizenship. The project explores digital diasporas in relation to issues of gender, ethnicity and affective belonging, focusing on how new technologies enhance new forms of connectivity between the homeland and destination countries, bus also across diasporas. The project pioneers a new interdisciplinary method that combines media studies, postcolonial theories, digital humanities and gender studies, drawing from the humanities and social science.

Sandra Ponzanesi is a LNVH board member since May 2016.

Henriëtte Prast

Since 2005, Henriëtte Prast is professor Personal Financial Planning at Tilburg University. She is a member of the Senate (Eerste Kamer) of the Dutch Parliament as part of the D66 fraction.

Henriette Prast is a LNVH board member since July 2017.

Moniek Tromp

Moniek Tromp finished her MSc in Chemistry, with specialisations in spectroscopy and catalysis, at the University of Utrecht (Nld) in 2000. She then obtained a PhD from the same university, in the fields of homogeneous catalysis and time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy with Profs. Koningsberger and van Koten.  After finishing with distinction (‘cum laude’, greatest honours possible) in 2004, she moved to the University of Southampton (UK) for a Post-Doctoral Research fellowship in the fields of heterogeneous catalysis and spectroscopy. In 2007, she was awarded an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship to start her own independent academic career (and became lecturer). She moved to Germany in 2010, where she took up a position as professor in Catalyst Characterisation at the Technical University Munich. In 2014, she decided to come back to the Netherlands, where she has been working at the University of Amsterdam. From July 2018 she has taken up the Chair of Materials Chemistry at the Zernike Institute, University of Groningen.

She has been awarded prestigious fellowships/awards like the EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship, NWO VIDI and the NWO Athena prize. She is active in numerous science advisory and review panels of large research facilities and universities internationally, part of a European Science Strategy team for large research facilities in Europe, has published over 120 papers in high profile journals and given over 100 invited lectures worldwide. She is chair of the Dutch Catalysis Society (of the KNCV). She is co-chair of the organizing committee of the annual conference on Catalysis in The Netherlands. Gender and diversity are important for her and she has been active as Gender Equality Officer (D) and is now developing programs for primary school on science and engineering as well as gender bias issues. She is also chair of the Rosalind Franklin Fellowship program of the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Groningen. Her research focusses on the development and application of operando spectroscopy techniques in catalysis and materials research (incl. fuel cells, batteries, photochemistry, as well as arts) with a focus on X-ray spectroscopy techniques.

Moniek Tromp is a LNVH board member since April 1 2019.

LNVH bureau

The bureau is the beating heart of the LNVH. Located in Utrecht, it houses a policy advisor, a programme officer and a secretary. They support, amongst many other things, the board in executing the long term policy. Please contact us directy or via our secretary for answers to your questions, policy advice, for/with suggestions for events, nominations, interesting facts and figures, articles. We are more than happy to help you. The bureau can be contacted via: 030 600 1361 or

Drs. Lidwien Poorthuis (1982) is senior policy advisor at the LNVH. She studied French Language and Culture and Business and Organisation at Utrecht University and has been working in higher education and research for over 10 years. Since October 2013, she heads the bureau of the LNVH where she is responsible for policy making and policy development and the initiation and support of projects and activities in order to promote the proportionate representation of women within the Dutch university community. Contact Lidwien Poorthuis at: 06 15207225 / 030 600 1361 or

Tamar van der Wouden (1993) is programme officer at the LNVH. She has studied Social Psychology with a Minor and Master in Genderstudies at Utrecht University, where she graduated in 2017. Within her studies, she focused mostly on gender & visual media representation. In May 2019, she joined the LNVH Bureau team. Contact Tamar van der Wouden at: 030 600 1360 or 

Irma Scheer (1980) is secretary at the LNVH. She studied Graphic Design at the Utrecht Art & Design College and has worked as a graphic designer for over 10 years. In August 2017 Irma decided to make a career switch and joined the LNVH Bureau team. Contact Irma Scheer at 030 600 1221 or