Beyond The Figures


To celebrate its 20 year anniversary, LNVH launched an online campaign 'Beyond The Figures'. The aim of the campaign is to show what the LNVH has achieved in the past 20 years and to look at the goals for the next 20 years.

The campaign puts a spotlight on the key figures that worked on the advancement of women in science and sets the tone on how to move forward for the next 20 years towards a truly inclusive academic community.

We are going to tell the stories 'behind the numbers', like the numbers and figures presented in the Women Professors Monitor, and demonstrate why and for whom the LNVH remains fully committed to reaching our goals.

‘Home base’ for the campaign is the instagramaccount @beyondthefigures from where we will link (in a slightly different form) to twitter, LinkedIn, the LNVH website and the newsletter. In the coming months LNVH will share relevant content every week, such as facts and figures from studies like the Monitor, interviews, interesting reads, tips to watch and relevant discussions in the media.

Help us reach as many people as possible with the campaign! You can help LNVH achieve this by following us on Instagram and drawing people's attention to the campaign, for example by sharing our content via Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram.

Inspiring interviews
In the coming months LNVH will talk to academics about their careers, lives and drivers for change. What is their 'story beyond the figures'? We invite you to read our first interview with prof. Annelien Bredenoord, rector magnificus of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Topics addressed: 'Erkennen en Waarderen' ('recognition and rewards'), diversity and inclusion and the synergy between politics and science. Next up: duo interview with dr. Julia Cramer and dr. Linda Drijvers.