Unions and Associations


PhD candidates Network of the Netherlands

The PhD candidates Network of the Netherlands (PNN) is the national organization that represents the interests of PhD candidates who work at one of the 14 Dutch universities, at one of the 8 University Medical Centers, or at one of the 5 research centers. The PNN is an association with its General Members Meeting (GMM) as the highest decision making body.


Scientists' Union

The VAWO defends the interests of those working at scientific institutes and offers its members expert legal assistance in work-related matters. VAWO resprentatives are involved in the negotiations of the collective labour agreements (CAO) at the universities, medical centres and research institutes. In these negotiations the VAWO aims not only at favourable primary and fringe benefits, but also at HRM policies that do justice to both scientists as science itself. Currently, the latter especially means reducing the vast number of fixed-term contracts for scientists, which threatens the continuity and quality of academic teaching and research. VAWO also aims to foster the circumstances in which academic teaching and research can prosper. That is why the VAWO formulates advice on academic policy matters, both on request and of its own accord.

VAWO offers the opportunity to report problems, conflicts, abuse etc. at its website.