UHD Sounding Board

Associate professor sounding board

Associate professors are very much invited to join LNVH. At the moment, over 300 associate professors are affiliated to the network. To fully adress the issues and topics related to this specific career phase, LNVH has started an associate professor sounding board. This group of approximately 30 UHD affiliates holds consultations twice a year and provides the LNVH board with advice and input. Christine Teelken (VU) is chair of the sounding board. For the LNVH board this is an important way of knowing what challenges associate professors are facing and finding ways to adress these challenges, either locally or nationally.

If you are an associate professor, please invite other female associate professors to join LNVH, connect with the members of the sounding board, or sign up to become one of them. For more information about the sounding board (its members, topics discussed) please contact the LNVH bureau at info@lnvh.nl or 030 600 1360.