Career guide - Grants

FOM/f incentive programmes - individual positions for post docs, and bridging grants

Het FOm/f incentive programme  - set up to retain more female scientists for Dutch Physics - offers  individual positions for post-docs, meant for female scientists who wish to build their careers in Dutch Physics over a longer period of time. The programme also offer a  bridging grants, designed to support faculties and research institutes in appointing women to tenured positions. 

NWO Athena-grant

The Athena grant is intended for female researchers who have received a Veni grant from NWO Chemical Sciences. The grant encourages their appointment to tenured assistant professorships.

In the natural and technical sciences, women are underrepresented at the assistant, associate and full professorship levels. The Athena grant encourages the appointment of female researchers in chemistry to tenured assistant professorships, or to a comparable position at a research institute.


NWO More female researchers as assistant professors (MEERVOUD)

Meervoud is the Dutch acronym for More Women Researchers as University Lecturers. In the Netherlands, female researchers are underrepresented at higher career levels in the natural sciences. The aim of this programme is to encourage the appointment of more women to assistant professorships. Female postdocs working in the earth sciences, life sciences and physical sciences are eligible for the programme.


NWO Aspasia-grant

The higher up the career ladder one goes, the fewer women there are. This certainly applies to university education and research in the Netherlands. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, and NWO have decided to do something about this. Aspasia must ensure that more female assistant professors progress to the level of associate professor or full professor.

NWO Aspasia-grant