Mediation between mentors and mentees

The LNVH regularly contact mentors for young female academics who have expressed an interest in being mentored.

If you are looking for a mentor, please let us know via Please do not forget to include the relevant discipline, and whether you are looking for a mentor from inside, or outside, your own university.

If you are prepared to act as mentor, then we would very much like to receive your details via

Mentoring in grants and subsidies

Mentoring in grants and subsidies

Mentoring in grants and subsidies. Aside from the mentor system, which is already facilitated,  the LNVH also mediates with help for writing applications for Rubicon, Veni, Vidi, Vici, EU-applications, and suchlike.
A professor or associate professor who has already acquired such a grant, and who has joined the LNVH, advises a female colleague on how to write an application for a grant.
A mentorate is exclusively meant for the grant application phase, and will usually consist of just a few meetings.
Many professors and associate professors turn out to be very willing to help younger female colleagues with this very important phase in the academic career.
If you are looking for assistance in writing an application, please contact us via