‘Diversity of Perspectives’

LNVH proudly presents 'Diversity of Prespectives': a series of short video portraits of women scientists whose research, vision or thoughts we would like to share during these times of the corona crisis. With this video series, the LNVH gives women experts a platform in a time when most (media) coverage on COVID-19 is being done by (white) men.

Moreover, LNVH wants to show the importance of diversity of perspectives, the importance of letting scientists from all disciplines and backgrounds shine their light on COVID-19 issues from their area of expertise, and the importance of creating a platform for different voices be heard. Watch and share the videos here.


About LNVH


The Dutch Network of Women Professors (Landelijk Netwerk Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren - LNVH) began life informally in the nineties, and became a foundation on the 9th of August 2001. The LNVH is a network of over 1400 female professors and associate professors. Together they represent every discipline and all Dutch Universities. The LNVH aims to promote the proportionate representation of women in academia.

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