Mw.Prof.dr. H.J.M. Beckers

Mw.Prof.dr. H.J.M. Beckers is benoemd tot praktijkhoogleraar “Oogheelkunde, ihb Glaucoom” aan Maastricht University, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.

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Prof.dr. Eveline Crone

Prof. Eveline Crone has been appointed professor of ‘Developmental Neuroscience in Society’ at the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB). The chair will focus on the future of the next generation. One aspect of this focus will be to understand how optimal opportunities can be created through using neuroscience methods. She also wants to integrate her research with issues we are currently facing in society. Professor Crone’s appointment at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) will commence on 1 April 2020.


Prof.dr. Anne Gielen

As of 1 October 2019, Dr Anne Gielen has been appointed as Professor of Labour Economics and Policy at Erasmus School of Economics. Over the last few years, Anne Gielen has performed remarkably well in various respects. She has published in high-ranked international journals.


Prof.dr. Payal Arora

Payal Arora is appointed as Full Professor at ESPhil. The Chair will be embedded at the intersection of the philosophy of media and the philosophy of technology. It is closely related to one of the key research themes of ESPhil, namely “the constitution of subjectivity” which explores how the contemporary economic and ecological crises, together with the increasing technological complexity of our life-world, necessitate a redefinition of our relationship with nature and ourselves. 


Prof. dr. Pauline Jansen

Prof.dr. Pauline Jansen is benoemd tot hoogleraar Ontwikkelings-psychopathologie. Jansen richt zich in haar leerstoel op het identificeren van risicofactoren en voorspellers van psychische problemen bij jongeren, zoals (symptomen van) ADHD, autisme, depressie en eetstoornissen. Hiervoor maakt ze gebruik van het langlopende Generation R onderzoek in Rotterdam, alsook van internationale cohorten. Kennis over voorspellers is van groot belang om tijdige herkenning, preventie en behandeling van problemen in een vroeg stadium mogelijk te maken. We weten namelijk dat een tijdige behandeling cruciaal is om te voorkomen dat psychische problemen een chronisch of recidiverend beloop aannemen.

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Prof.dr. Claartje ter Hoeven

Prof.dr. Claartje ter Hoeven has been appointed as professor of Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society. Ter Hoeven explores how digital technologies are able to help organise, manage and shape the way we work. Having to work with digital technologies such as robots can influence the status of employees or even the structure of their job. The arrival of a robot can provide employees with more interesting tasks, but on the other hand, the robot may literally and/or figuratively get in their way. Ter Hoeven works together with colleagues from the Psychology, Sociology and Public Administration departments. In collaboration with the same colleagues, she is also setting up a new multidisciplinary master's program with the same name: Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society.