Janneke Plantenga reappointed Dean of the Faculty of Law

Utrecht University

Janneke Plantenga reappointed Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

Prof. dr. Janneke Plantenga

Prof. dr. Cisca Wijmenga has been appointed as Rector Magnificus

University of Groningen

The Supervisory Board of the University of Groningen has appointed professor of Genetics Cisca Wijmenga as rector magnificus for a term of four years

Cisca Wijmenga

Oratie prof.dr. Janette Burgess

University of Groningen

Prof.dr. J.K. Burgess has been appointed professor on june 6th.

Prof. dr. J.K. Burgess

prof. mr. dr. Brigit Toebes

University of Groningen

prof. mr. dr. B.C.A. Toebes has been appointed professor of Health Law in Global Context

Prof. mr. dr. B.C.A. Toebes

Prof. dr. Marion Smits

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Prof. dr. Marion Smits has been appointed as endowed professor of Applied Physiological Neuroimaging.

Prof. dr. Marion Smits

prof. dr. Marieke Wermer

Leiden University

Prof. dr. Marieke Wermer has been appointed professor of Neurology with emphasis on neurovascular diseases in the Leiden University Medical Center.

Prof. dr. Marieke Wermer