Aukje Hassoldt appointed as new Dean of TPM (TUDelft)

The Executive Board has appointed drs. Aukje Hassoldt as Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management (TPM) with effect from 1 October 2019. She succeeds Professor Eric Fischer, who has been interim dean at TPM since October 2018.


Prof.dr. Evelien P.M. Brouwers

Evelien P. M. Brouwers is per 1 oktober benoemd tot bijzonder hoogleraar psychische gezondheid en duurzame inzetbaarheid in arbeid aan Tilburg University. Zij volgt prof. dr. Jac van der Klink op. De leerstoel is verbonden aan de Academische Werkplaats Arbeid en Gezondheid van Tranzo, het wetenschappelijk centrum voor zorg en welzijn van de Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

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Prof.dr. Uta Noppeney

The Faculty of Science at Radboud University appoints Uta Noppeney as Professor of Systems Neuroscience at the Donders Institute. Her research investigates how the brain enables us to perceive, understand and interact effectively with the multisensory world around us. For instance, when crossing a busy road our senses are bombarded with myriads of diverse signals: a sparkling bike passing by, the looming noise of an approaching truck, the smell of traffic fumes.The effortless ease with which we merge these signals into a seamless percept masks the complexity of the computations and neural mechanisms involved.


Prof.dr. Barbara Gravendeel

Barbara Gravendeel has been appointed professor of Plant Evolution at Radboud University's Faculty of Science. Gravendeel works at Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, where she researches the molecular mechanisms of evolutionary changes in plants. At Radboud University, she will investigate the evolutionary potential of wild plants, both in and outside the city. 


Prof.dr. Clara van Karnebeek

Clara van Karnebeek has been appointed Professor of Metabolic Diseases at Radboud University / Radboud university medical center. Van Karnebeek is an expert in the field of early diagnosis and innovative treatment of inherited metabolic diseases that affect the nervous system. Until her arrival in Nijmegen, she worked as a principal investigator and medical specialist in pediatrics and genetics at Amsterdam UMC.


Mw.Prof.dr. H.J.M. Beckers

Mw.Prof.dr. H.J.M. Beckers is benoemd tot praktijkhoogleraar “Oogheelkunde, ihb Glaucoom” aan Maastricht University, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences.

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