LNVH Newsletter May 2018

18 May 2018

LNVH Newsletter May 2018

May 2018 Newsletter

LNVH news

LNVH Spring Symposium 2018: Challenging poor behaviour in academia: how to tackle and prevent intimidation and abuse of power
Next week, on May 25, the LNVH Spring Symposium will take place in Leiden. The symposium will focus on recognizing, discussing and tackling misconduct and abuse of power in academia. More information about the keynotes, the training and the panel discussion can be found here, please register via this link.

LNVH newsletter
At the moment we are busy redesigning our newsletter. Of course, we would appreciate the input of our affilates: what do you think about the newsletter, how can we improve it further? Please let us know via this survey [in Dutch], thanks in advance!

Privacy notice as part of GDPR compliance
As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation will be enforced. It expands the rights of individuals to control how their personal data is collected and processed, and places a range of new obligations on organisations to be more accountable for data protection. In this context, we would like to bring our privacy notice to your attention - read full text [in Dutch] here.

Annual report 2017
Curious about how LNVH committed to gender equality and diversity in academia last year? In the annual report 2017, you can read all about the core of our strategy, our activities and our ideas for the future. Now available online!

LNVH on LinkedIn
Just launched: LNVH's company page on LinkedIn! Follow us at https://www.linkedin.com/company/lnvh/ to stay up-to-date about the latest news concerning gender equality in the academic world. In the (private) group for LNVH affiliates, you can keep sharing information on related topics, start a discussion and stay connected with your peers!

General news

NWO broadens extension rule of Talent Scheme to include all parents
There is a time limit attached to the Talent Scheme (TS), an NWO funding programme for researchers, which specifies until when researchers can submit a proposal after obtaining their PhD. Until now, the submission deadline had already been extended by 18 months per child for biological mothers. Now the other parent will also receive an extension of 6 months per child. Read more

Call open: Van Gogh Programme
The Van Gogh Programme promotes exchanges between researchers within specific research projects and annually supports around 40 researchers from France and about the same number of researchers from the Netherlands. In principle, the grants are available for all academic fields. However, the topic of an application must be the same on the French and Dutch side, with applicants seeking complementarity. More information

Global Survey of Mathematical, Computing and Natural Scientists
Recently, the international Gender Gap in Science project has launched the 2018 Global Survey of Mathematical, Computing and Natural Scientists, The survey aims to measure and reduce the gender gap in the mathematical, computing, and natural sciences and can be filled in here.


  • Luiza Bialasiewicz has been appointed Professor European Governance at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Bettina Bock has been appointed as Personal Professor Rural Sociology at Wageningen University.
  • Manda Broekhuis has been appointed professor of Professional Service Chaines at Groningen University.
  • Estela Rubio Gozalba has been appointed as Professor Inborn Errors of Metabolism with focus on Galactosemia at Maastricht University.
  • Marieke Huisman has been appointed Professor of Software Reliability at Twente University.
  • Liesbeth de Lange has been appointed as professor of Predictive Pharmacology.
  • Ans van Pelt has been appointed Professor Translational Reproductive Biology.
  • Marta Pertégas has been appointed as Professor of International and Transnational Private Law at Maastricht University.
  • Kirsten ten Tusscher has been appointed as Professor Computational Developmental Biology at Utrecht University.
  • Daniela Wilson has been appointed as Professor in Systems Chemistry at Radboud University Nijmegen.

Attending & participating

'Let's close the Digital Gender Gap' a conference organized by Platform Diversity in IT on June 6. The keynote speaker Dr. Davaki of the London School of Economics and Political Science will talk about her recent research paper commissioned by the European Parlament. You may furthermore look forward to the IT-awards for Young Female Professionals of the Year and discussions with policy makers about the importance of the campaign #NietGenoeg. And lots of girls looking for role models! More information

The 2018 Gender Summit in London (8-9 June) is 15th in the series and the first for London. GS15 builds on past discussions and recommendations and tackles fresh gender issues, in the context of new concerns such as: Brexit, impact of climate change, addressing societal challenges; opportunities and consequences of digital transformation, the 4th Industrial Revolution; strengthening societal responsibility and relevance of research and innovation; ensuring the success of the UN Sustainable Development agenda; and managing the interactions between scientific, political and policy agendas in a rapidly changing world. More information

On Friday 15 June 2018 about 400 journalists, press officers and researchers meet at the NWO event Bessensap at the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam to network and exchange knowledge about recent developments in science and science communication - the place to present newsworthy research results in various sessions. Check the NWO website.

NWO organises information meetings for researchers who want to apply for a Veni, Vidi of Vici grant. Practical information is given and selection committee members, NWO secretaries and researchers who have already acquired a Veni, Vidi or Vici share their experiences during a question and answer session. The next meeting will be held on 28 June. Registration is now open!

Insight Out 2018, the network event for women in science, will take place on 27 September. Get ready for inspiring lectures, workshops and networking activities. Insight Out gives you the opportunity to share your insights and to connect with fellow researchers. Read more

The STEM Gender Equality Congress will take place in Amsterdam on 11 and 12 October. The event brings together researchers, policymakers, administrators and entrepreneurs to discuss how to change gender inequality in science and industry. More information

Vacancies and calls

Leiden University: Universitair Hoofddocent Bestuursrecht
Leiden University: Vice-decaan / portefeuillehouder onderwijs

LUMC: Professor Population Health

Maastricht University: Full Professor in the Social and Political Philosophy at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Radboud University Nijmegen: Assistant or Associate Professor in Developmental Psychopathology
Radboud University Nijmegen: Assistant Professor of Applied Ethics

Radboudumc: Associate professor in clinical epidemiology

Tilburg University: Full professor of Clinical Psychology
Tilburg University: Full professor in Sociology: Social Inequality & Health

TU Delft: Professor Positions in Biotechnology (Tenure Track)
TU Delft: Chair and Professor of ‘Integrated Design Methodology’

TU/e: Full Professor Ethics of Technology
TU/e: Two assistant/associate professor in Artificial Intelligence (Tenure Track)

University of Amsterdam: Full professor in Security by Design
University of Amsterdam: Universitair Hoofddocent Rechtstheorie/Inleiding tot het recht
University of Amsterdam: Full professor in Urban Geography with a focus on The Geography of Everyday Life
University of Amsterdam: Full professor in Urban Geography with a focus on Urbanization and Urban Social Challenges

University of Groningen: Full Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity (Tenure Track)
University of Groningen: Associate Professor/Academic Director Brain, Behaviour & Culture
University of Groningen: Associate Professor/Academic Director of Education

Utrecht University: Associate Professor Organization Studies

VU Amsterdam: Full Professor in Educational and Family Studies

Wageningen University & Research: Associate Professor Applied Statistics (Tenure Track)

See the vacancies via Academic Transfer

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