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Privacy statement

The LNVH foundation (henceforth referred to as LNVH) is convinced of the improtance of an adequate protection of the privacy of its affiliates. Personal details of affiliates, interested parties, and visitors, are therefore treated with the utmost care. The LNVH is in all cases compliant with Dutch privacy laws.  

Website description
The website consists of a public environment as well as a private environment; the LNVH-Intranet. Information pertaining to the goals of the LNVH can be found in the publice environment. 

Personal details of our affiliates are recorded in the private environment. This is also where the LNVH makes announcements, places notifications, and records reports that are meant solely for the affiliates and not for the general public.

Page requests
When you visit the LNVH website, general information - such as the ate and time of your visit, the user's IP-address, the user's browser etc. - is recorded for each requested page.This information is used solely for attuning the website to the needs of its users and the optimalisation of our service to you.

The LNVH does not collect data by using cookies.

Your personal details

If you submit personal details to the LNVH via e-mail or web forms, then these will only be recorded and used for your intended goal. By providing your personal details, you grant permission for the processing of said details. 

Your personal details on the LNVH-UIntranet can only be submitted or modified by you and the LNVH bureau.

Use by third parties
Use of the LNVH-Intranet by third parties is only allowed on a very limited basis. This solely concerns third parties - such as the KNAW or the NWO - who wish to make use of personal details within the framework of the goals set by the LNVH. They have to sign a statement assuring they will only use the details for said goals, and will not share these with other parties.

The above is applicable to the following details: name, university, faculty, discipline, chair, area of interest, e-mail address

The LNVH reserves the right to modify the privacy statement. It is therefore advised to consult the statement regarding the privacy policy on the LNVH website on a regular basis.

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