LNVH Newsletter March 2018

20 Mar 2018

LNVH Newsletter March 2018

March 2018 Newsletter

LNVH news

L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowships - Laureates 2017
On International Women's day, Hanneke Wigman (UMCG) and Sonja Swanson (Erasmus MC) were awarded with the l'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowships. In the Netherlands, the Netherlands Commission for UNESCO and L’Oréal Netherlands have managed the fellowship programme in cooperation with the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS-KNAW) and LNVH since 2012. Laureates are awarded a residential fellowship of 3 or 5 months at NIAS-KNAW in Amsterdam, and are provided a place to think, study and write, while being released from regular responsibilities such as teaching, administrative or clinical tasks. Learn more about our laureates here [in Dutch]. Also, the Call for Applications for the 2019 fellowships is now open - excellent female scientists are invited to submit their prop osal before May 11. More information 

Westerdijk Talent Impuls: 100 women professor
Minister of Education, Culture and Science Ingrid van Engelshoven recently announced that universities have succeeded in appointing 100 new female professors. The year 2017 marked a century since the first Dutch woman, Johanna Westerdijk, became a professor. To commemorate this 'Westerdijk year', the ministry made additional resources (5 million euros) available to appoint 100 female professors. Universities interested in making use of this Westerdijk Talent Scheme submitted their applications to NWO. An overview of applications and grants for each university can be found here. The programme sparked attention in national media - the LNVH board responded to the outcome of the talent scheme in de Volkskrant [in Dutch].

Inferior-Women in Science
Science journalist and author of Inferior: How Science Got Women Wrong and the New Research That’s Rewriting the Story Angela Saini visited the Netherlands earlier this month. LNVH board member Angela Maas joined her in a debate about women in science at De Balie. Catch up on the debate here.

Save the date: LNVH Spring Symposium
Do mark the LNVH Spring Symposium on Friday 25 May on your calendar! As per usual, women scientists of all levels are invited. More information coming soon!

General news

Ineke Sluiter vicepresident KNAW
Ineke Sluiter, professor of Greek language and literature at Leiden University, will become vice president of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). She will succeed incumbent vice president Wim van Saarloos, who is taking up the KNAW presidency on June 1. Read more [in Dutch].

Leiden University: Annie Romein-Verschoor Lecture and Portrait Gallery Senate Chamber
At the Annie Romein-Verschoor Lecture on 8 March, former Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker expressed her surprise at the commotion again raised by the theme of the economic independence of women, within and outside politics. The complete lecture by Bussemaker can be found here. Earlier that day, Bussemaker unveiled the fourteen portraits of women professors included in the classic portrait gallery in Leiden University’s Senate Chamber. Amongst the professors selected is one of the LNVH founders: Els Goulmy. Check out an impressions of the portraits here.

NWO: Vici grants
NWO has awarded 35 scientists 1.5 million euros each to conduct research in the coming five years. Vici is one of the largest grants for individuals in the Netherlands and targets advanced researchers. The funding enables the scientists to set up their own innovative line of research and put together their own research group. Of the 233 proposals, 88 (38%) were submitted by women and 145 (62%) by men. Overall, 10 female and 25 male candidates were awarded a grant. The award rate is therefore 11 and 17 per cent respectively. Special congratulations to LNVH board member Halleh Ghorashi! The full list of laureates can be found here.

Bedrijvenmonitor Topvrouwen 2017
Recently the 'Bedrijvenmonitor Topvrouwen 2017' was published, including information about the share of women at top positions in the corporate world. In 2017, the share of women in boards is 11.7 percent - 16.2 percent in the supervisory boards. Caroline Princen, chair of the Talent to the Top Monitoring Commission, calls for a quotum. Read more [in Dutch].

KIVI Academic Society Award for Kitty Nijmeijer
The Dutch Royal Institute of Engineers (KIVI) has awarded prof. Kitty Nijmeijer with the Academic Society Award. Nijmeijer is professor of Membrane Technology at Eindhoven University of Technology and has been awarded this prize because of the great importance of her research and the appealing way in which she manages to make the connection between science and society. Read more

Maria Antonietta Loi wins Physics Prize 2018
The Netherlands Physical Society (NNV) has announced that Professor of Photophysics and Optoelectronics Maria Antonietta Loi (University of Groningen) will receive the Physics Prize 2018. The prize is for excellent physics research by a physicist working in the Netherlands. Read more


  • Luiza Bialasiewicz has been appointed professor of European Governance at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Humanities.
  • Henny Bos has been appointed professor of Sexual and Gender Diversity in Families and Youth at the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.
  • Ellen de Bruijn has been appointed professor in Neurocognitive Clinical Psychology at Leiden University.
  • Patricia Dankers has been appointed full professor in Biomedical Materials at Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • Hilde Geurts has been appointed professor of Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.
  • Berna Güroglu has been appointed professor in the Neuroscience of Social Relations  at Leiden University.
  • Erma Hermens has been appointed Rijksmuseum Professor of Studio Practice and Technical Art History at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Faculty of Humanities.
  • Stephanie von Hinke has been appointed Endowed Professor of Health Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • Barbara Hogenboom has been appointed professor of Latin American Studies at the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Humanities.
  • Renske Keizer has been appointed professor in Family Sociology at Erasmus University Rotterdam.
  • Femke Laagland has been appointed Professor of (European) Labour Law at Radboud University’s Faculty of Law.
  • Isabelle Reymen has been appointed Professor Design of Innovation Ecosystems, Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • Eliane Segers has been appointed Professor of Learning & Technology at the Radboud University Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Merel Soons has been appointed Professor in Plant dispersal ecology & conservation at Utrecht University.
  • Marie Soressi has been appointed professor of Hominin Diversity Archaeology, Leiden University.
  • Tuna Tasan-Kok has been appointed professor of Urban Governance and Planning at the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.
  • Iris van der Tuin has been appointed professor in Theory of Cultural Inquiry at Utrecht University.
  • Joanita Vroom has been appointed Professor of the Archaeology of Medieval and Early Modern Eurasia, Leiden University.
  • Sandra Zwakhalen has been appointed professor in Nursing Science, with pecial focus on Geriatric Nursing Care at Maastricht University.

Attending and participating

On 18 april, Utrecht University will be organizing the interdisciplinary symposium 'In- and exclusion; the role of institutions'. The aim of this symposium is to bring together researchers of different disciplines to shed light on the role that institutions play in the inclusion and exclusion of individuals and groups in modern society. Questions that are discussed include: Which roles have institutions and institutional change played over the last decades in the development of in- and exclusion? How do local governments use laws and regulations to either include or exclude refugees? How does the institutional setup of educational systems affect patterns of societal exclusion by socioeconomic background, ethnicity and gender? What role do the media play in the marginalization of women at all levels of society? And by which subtle psychological mechanisms are social inequalities between groups maintained? This symposium will be especially of interest t o scholars who want to discuss and learn about topics related to social inequality and social exclusion from multiple scientific perspectives. More information

On 25 May 2018, the annual LNVH Spring Symposium will be held in Utrecht. You will be receiving a detailed update regarding the programme in your mailbox soon.

On Friday 15 June 2018 about 400 journalists, press officers and researchers meet at the NWO event Bessensap at the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam to network and exchange knowledge about recent developments in science and science communication - the place to present newsworthy research results in various sessions. The call for proposals is still open, check the NWO website.

The STEM Gender Equality Congress will take place in Amsterdam on 11 and 12 October. The event brings together researchers, policymakers, administrators and entrepreneurs to discuss how to change gender inequality in science and industry. More information

Vacancies and calls

Open University: Rector Magnificus
Netherlands Institure for Neuroscience: Group Leader

Erasmus University Rotterdam: Two Open-rank tenure-track faculty positions in Information Systems
Erasmus University Rotterdam: Dean Erasmus University College
Erasmus University Rotterdam: Endowed Professor Indirect Taxes (endowed chair, 4 years)

Maastricht University: Full Professor in Information Management

Radboudumc: Associate professor in clinical epid emiology

Tilburg University: Professor of EU Competition Law
Tilburg University: Bijzonder Hoogleraar 'HRM en Sociale Zekerheid'

TU Delft: Professor Positions (Asst./Assoc./Full) in Biotechnology
TU Delft: Assoc/Asst Professor dep artment Cognitive Robotics
TU Delft: Assoc/Asst Professor Haptic Human-Robot Interaction

TU/e: Tenure Track position for a Senior Assistant Professor Marketing & Innovation
TU/e: Tenure Track Assistant Professor Membrane Materials and Processes
TU/e: Professor of Urban Planning and Transportation

Universität Wien: Universitätsprofessur für Nederlandistik

Leiden University: Professor Population Health
Leiden University: Chair in Security & Director of the Institute of Security & Global Affairs

Utrecht University: 3 Tenure track positions “Assistant/Associate Professor Physical Geography”
Utrecht University: Associate/Assistant Professor Internal Medicine - Infectiology of Farm Animals

VU University: Bijzonder Hoogleraar Klinische Godsdienstpsychologie
VU University: Assistant Professor in Environmental Economics (Tenure Track)
VU University: Assistant professors (UD) / Associate professors (UHD) in Computer Systems
VU University: 3 Assistant professors (UD) / Associate professors (UHD) in Computer Science
VU University: 2 Assistant / Associate Professors of Logistics
VU University: Assistant / Associat e Professors of Logistics (2 positions available)

See the vacancies via Academic Transfer

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