DWS Fund

DWSF 2017

Distinguished Women Scientists Fund

Distinguished Women Scientists Fund DWSF 2017

In 2012 the Dutch Network of Women Professors created the Distinguished Women Scientists Fund, a travel grant (max. 1500 euro) for female postdocs - up to 3 years after promotion and working and residing in the Netherlands - who wish to travel abroad in the framework of their discipline.

The LNVH board is pleased to announce the 2017 Distinghuished Women Scientists Fund. This travel grant allows the laureates to travel abroad for their research.

  • Miranda Bloem is postdoctoral researcher in the research project 'Duchess Mary of Guelders and her prayer book', at the Radboud University Nijmegen. She will be visiting the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore to study the 15th-century Greiffenklau Missal. 
  • Fleur Bouwer is postdoctoral researcher at the department of psychology of the University of Amsterdam. She will travel to the Music and Neuroscience lab at the Brain and Mind Institute in London (Canada), to further investigate how our brains optimize perception by predicting what is likely to happen next, using musical rythms. 
  • Anke Klein is postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam. The travel grant allows her to include her work in a trial conducted by Centre for Emotional Health (Australia) on underlying mechanisms related to childhood social anxiety. 
  • Mandy Lauw is postdoctoral researcher and MD resident internal medicine at the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam. She will be staying at McMaster University in Hamilton (Canada) to better understand the mechanisms of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation.