LNVH Internship Toolkit Harassment in academia

LNVH | Internship online Toolkit 'Harassment in academia'

LNVH pushes for an inclusive academic culture and urges the sector to address harassment and intimidation in academia. For this purpose, we are currently developing an online Toolkit 'Harassment in academia'. In this toolkit you can find scientific research, information and backgrounds on misconduct and harassment, it will also provide academics who (have) experience(d) harassment with legal advice, emotional support and practical information, and facilitate policy makers and administrators in finding and sharing information and good practices when it comes to tackling and preventing misconduct and harassment. The LNVH is looking for a motivated (research) master's student to help us further develop this toolkit.

We are looking for a (research) master's student in a field that is relevant or interesting for the work of the LNVH and/or this specific assignment (think of Organizational Sciences, Law, Social Sciences, Gender Studies), who is available for one or two semesters starting (around) March 1, 2022. The exact starting date and division of the hours will be determined in consultation with the LNVH. This internship is reimbursed in accordance with the applicable university (WO-)guidelines. The intern will:

  • gain insight into various approaches to harassment;
  • acquire knowledge and skills related to building an online toolkit;
  • collect relevant content and present this content clearly online;
  • become acquainted and familiar with various fields of activity of the LNVH;
  • get in touch with different partner organizations and have the opportunity to build a network of contacts;
  • be able to place this online publication on her or his CV. 

The above activities will be coordinated with and will take place under the supervision of the LNVH bureau. This defined project is suitable as a research project (for credits) or as a graduation project. There is therefore plenty of room for introducing and elaborating your own research question. Knowledge of and/or experience with setting up an online environment is a plus.

For more information on the LNVH, please visit www.lnvh.nl. For more information on this internship, please contact the LNVH office via Lidwien Poorthuis (030 600 1361 | poorthuis@lnvh.nl). Want to apply? Send a CV and motivation letter before February 23 to info@lnvh.nl.