LNVH Newsletter February 2018

16 Feb 2018

LNVH Newsletter February 2018

LNVH Newsletter February 2018

February 2018 Newsletter

LNVH news

LNVH board responds to remarks Hans Clevers
Last week, Hans Clevers (former KNAW president) raised eyebrows in reacting to a piece by Rosanne Hertzberger, about alleged nepotism in the new Oncode Institute for cancer research. In an interview, Clevers seeks the cause of gender inequality in Dutch academia in the way women deal with their working hours. The LNVH board responded to these remarks in an op-ed in NRC, see full text [in Dutch] on our website

L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science
On 8 March (15h30), the Dutch L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science awards will be presented in the Hodshon Huis in Haarlem for the sixth time. In addition to a sum of EUR 25,000, two outstanding women researchers will be allowed several months to concentrate on their research at the NIAS in Amsterdam. Together with the NIAS, the LNVH is a partner of this programme. You are very welcome to attend the ceremony, please confirm via an email to Olivier van Donselaar (L'Oréal Nederland).

STEMM Equality Congress - discount
As announced earlier: the STEMM Gender Equality Congress will take place in Amsterdam on 11 and 12 October. The event brings together researchers, policymakers, administrators and entrepreneurs to discuss how to change gender inequality in science and industry. Of course, LNVH will be represented as well. Interested in attending the congress? We can offer you a 10% discount on the early bird registration (which ends this moment). Use code LNVH10 in the registration process. If you encounter any problems, do contact Laura Hindhaugh  

Experts on intimidation and abuse of power in academia
The #metoo movement (again) shone a light on sexual intimidation and abuse of power within Dutch academia. ScienceGuide dedicated a series of articles to the theme, and universities are reconsidering their policies and attitudes. As LNVH, we try to act as accelarator and linking pin as much as we can. We notice a need for experts: people who (within their research) work on mechanisms of abuse of power, causes and consequences of intimidation, and optimizing processes within organisations to deal with intimidation. Any ideas and input are very much welcome via info@lnvh.nl.

Save the date: LNVH Spring Symposium
On 25 May 2018, the annual LNVH Spring Symposium will be held in Utrecht. This year’s symposium (open to women scientists of all levels) will be devoted to networking, mentoring and sponsoring. More information following soon! 

General news

Angela Maas - cardiology for women
LNVH board member Angela Maas recently raised the alarm in Nieuwsuur: too often, women with heart and coronary diseases are being misdiagnosed. Maas is advocating for more awareness and training amongst fellow cardiologists and general practitioners. Check out Nieuwsuur [in Dutch] here.

Westerdijk Talent Scheme
Last year, on 10 February 2017, NWO launched the Westerdijk Talent Scheme. The aim of the Westerdijk Talent Scheme programme is to increase the number of women professors and therefore the contribution to a greater diversity at the top of Dutch academia. The programme offers universities the possibility to apply for grants if they appoint female researchers as a professor. On NWO's website, more information can be found about the rules and regulations of the programme. Now that the deadline has passed, press is taking stock, see for example this article in Trouw. On March 8, the results of the programme will be formally announced.


  • Ann Brysbaert has been appointed Professor/Chair of Ancient Technologies, Crafts and Materials at Leiden University. 
  • Aoju Chen has been appointed professor in Language Development in Relation to Socialisation and Identity at Utrecht University.
  • Aukje Nauta has been appointed professor by special appointment of Enhancing individuals in a dynamic work context at Leiden University.

Attending and participating

Radboud University's Faculty of Science is organising its Diversity Day on 20 February. Only 12% of the full professors at the Science Faculty in Nijmegen are women. During the 3rd annual diversity day at the Faculty the Gender and Diversity Committee raises awareness for diversity, equality and an inclusive work environment. More information

Of course, International Women's day on March 8 offers tons of events to attend! 

  • Tilburg University is holding its annual Gender Unlimited Festival. Resi Becker, director Mail Nederland of PostNL and responsible for 32.000 employees, will tell how to build professional and mutually beneficial relationships and networks, and why diversity is beneficial for organizations. Tilburg University will start a women’s network to create a place to connect and to exchange knowledge and experience. More information
  • In Maastricht, the Centre for Gender and Diversity and the new UM Diversity Officer launch a Diversity Day for the whole UM community. Goal of the day is to debate, facilitate the exchange of experience and generate input for measures that the UM can take to become a more inclusive organisation. More information
  • At the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the network of women professors is organising its eight (!) congress 'Women in the spotlight'. Three women professors present their research in public lectures. More information
  • Utrecht University will be offering a programme about genderdiversity and emancipation. Em. prof.dr. Anneke van Doorne-Huiskes (Utrecht University), drs. Lidwien Poorthuis (LNVH) and prof.dr. Anneke Smelik (Radboud University Nijmegen) will be sharing their vision on inclusive academia and society. Do check the website for more information about programme and registration.
  • The Swedish Embassy in The Hague has partnered with Wikimedia Nederland to create a local Wikipedia edit-a-thon inviting people to write articles about leading women in science, business, culture and politics. Wikimedia will be present to hold a short introduction on how to write articles for Wikipedia and will act as supervisors to guide our invited writers during the event. For more information about the event, visit the official #WikiGap website.
  • The regional Women Economic Forum will be held in The Hague on 8th and 9th March 2018. The conference theme is 'Women Empowering Agriculture, Circular Economy, Sustainability and Cyber Security.' More information about programme and registration can be found here.

On 18 april, Utrecht University will be organizing the interdisciplinary symposium 'In- and exclusion; the role of institutions'. The aim of this symposium is to bring together researchers of different disciplines to shed light on the role that institutions play in the inclusion and exclusion of individuals and groups in modern society. Questions that are discussed include: Which roles have institutions and institutional change played over the last decades in the development of in- and exclusion? How do local governments use laws and regulations to either include or exclude refugees? How does the institutional setup of educational systems affect patterns of societal exclusion by socioeconomic background, ethnicity and gender? What role do the media play in the marginalization of women at all levels of society? And by which subtle psychological mechanisms are social inequalities between groups maintained? This symposium will be especially of interest to sch olars who want to discuss and learn about topics related to social inequality and social exclusion from multiple scientific perspectives. More information

On 25 May 2018, the annual LNVH Spring Symposium will be held in Utrecht. This year’s symposium (open to women scientists of all levels) will be devoted to networking, mentoring and sponsoring. You will be receiving a detailed update regarding the programme in your mailbox in february. 

The STEM Gender Equality Congress will take place in Amsterdam on 11 and 12 October. The event brings together researchers, policymakers, administrators and entrepreneurs to discuss how to change gender inequality in science and industry. Use code LNVH10 to receive 10% discount on the early bird fee! More information

Vacancies and calls

NIAS: NIAS-Lorentz Theme Groups 

Radboud University Nijmegen: Full Professor of Applies Analysis
Radboud University Nijmegen: Assistant professor of computational and theoretical physics

TU/e: Full or Associate Professor in Biointerface Science in Regenerative Medicine

University of Groningen: Assistant Professor operational research of engineering systems (Tenure Track)
University of Groningen: Assistant Professor optimisation of engineering systems (Tenure Track)

Utrecht University: Hoogleraar Ondernemingsrecht
Utrecht University: 4 Full Professors in Information and Computing Sciences

TU Delft: Assistant Professor of Transport Safety (Tenure Track)

Erasmus University Rotterdam: Professor International and European Tax Law

Maastricht University: Full Professor in the Digital Arts and Culture

See the vacancies via Academic Transfer

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