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In this age of rapid technological developments such as big data, cloud and innovative robotics, more right-brain thinking is needed in a world governed by left-brainers. Success is largely determined by creativity, intuition, adaptability and openness (ciao). It is a field with many career opportunities for women. Unfortunately, the share of women is still extremely low. RightBrains aims at growing the number of women who choose a study or career in digital technology.

Through the RightBrains platform inspiring stories are told and information is provided about digital strategy, transformation, leadership and innovation to make digital technology attractive for women. Besides image building, the platform also communicates about upcoming events, educational programmes and vacancies.



Emancipatieweb (site not active) is the website of the Directie Coördinatie Emancipatiebeleid (DCE) of the of Social Affairs and Employment. Emancipatieweb was set up to meet the demand for a recognisable point of information on government policy.


Dutch Gender Platform

Wo=Men a network for the promotion of world wide equal rights and opportunities for men and women.


Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool voor Gender Studies (NOG)

Nederlandse Onderzoeksschool voor Gender Studies (NOG) - National Platform for gender research and teaching


The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights

De equal opportunities commission has been incorporated in the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights in October 2012.


Clara Wichmann Fund

Clara Wichmann
Test case fund set up for the improvement of the legal position of women.