Results of Public Consultation on the Future of Gender & Innovation in Europe

6 Dec 2011

Results of Public Consultation on the Future of Gender & Innovation in Europe

genSET - gender in science, supported by the ESF, organised an in-depth consultation on the future of research, innovation and gender in response to the EC Green Paper “From Challenges to Opportunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation Funding”. The consultation focused on the three key dimensions of this debate:
- Research cultures and scientific quality
- Innovation cultures and creativity
- Structural change and social responsibility

Together with the European Gender Summit and the Policy Manifesto on Integrated Action on the Gender Dimension in Research, this consultation is one of three interlinked platforms of stakeholder dialogue on research, gender and innovation. It aims to contribute to a better understanding of how Europe can enhance its research and innovation systems by addressing gender issues. The consultation results have been discussed at the European Gender Summit on 8-9 November 2011 in Brussels.

The results of the Public Consultation are presented in a report, offering a fresh perspective on the gender dimension in science. It highlights that gender equality roles and responsibilities for institutional leaders is not at all obvious at present and it calls for additional policy intervention, at the highest EU-level, and for EC leadership to carry this policy momentum to implementation at national and institutional levels.

The complete report can be downloaded here.