Symposium RUG: "Gender and the secrets of succession"

3 Sep 2009

Symposium RUG: "Gender and the secrets of succession"

Gender and the Secrets of Succession: Women in Early Genetics, 1900-1930

Friday, 11 September 2009 13.30-17.15 pm
Venue: Groningen, Oude Boteringestraat 44, Grote Vergaderzaal


13.25-13.45 Reception and registration, coffee and tea

Chair: Dorien Daling PhD (Dept of History)

13.45-13.50 Opening of the symposium by Prof. Mineke Bosch (Dept of History)

13.50-14.30 Dr Marsha Richmond (Wayne State University), Women in the new
private research institutes in genetics: Comparisons between the Station for Experimental Evolution (USA) and the John Innes Institute Horticultural Institute (England)

14.30-15.10 Dr Annette Vogt (Max Planck Institute, Berlin), Elisabeth Schiemann and her female colleagues: women geneticists at different institutes of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society

15.10-15.30 Tea break

15.30-16.10 Dr Ida Stamhuis (Free University Amsterdam), Tine Tammes visits Elisabeth Schiemann and the ‘Damenstift' (Baur's Institute for Heredity)

16.10-16.50 Prof. Mineke Bosch (University of Groningen), Predestined by heredity. Marianne van Herwerden's scientific career in early genetics

16.50 Summary and conclusions

17.15 Drinks in Café-Restaurant ‘Land van Kokanje', O. Boteringestraat 9.