Recap of the Women Professors Monitor 2023 Presentation

13 Dec 2023

Recap of the Women Professors Monitor 2023 Presentation

On December 7, the LNVH Women Professors Monitor 2023 was presented at Utrecht University Academiegebouw in Utrecht.

LNVH Chair Moniek Tromp guided us through this year's results (you can find the Monitor here). 

After her presentation, we rang the Anna Maria van Schurman bell to draw attention to the stagnating growth of the percentage of women professors in the Netherlands. Together with Athena’s Angels, LNVH is calling for a second Talent Impulse named after Anna Maria van Schurman. With this impulse we are aiming for gender parity by 2036, marking 400 years since Anna Maria became the first female student.

Traditionally, the LNVH presents the first copy of the Women Professors Monitor. This time, Moniek handed it over to Nezha Bouanani (dir. OWB at OCW). The Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (OCW) provided funding for the Monitor, enabling us to continue publishing it for the next few years.

Afterwards, we reflected on and discussed findings in this Monitor during an exchange with interesting guests from various disciplines and backgrounds. Moderator Emmelie Zipson guided a dynamic dialogue with panelists Laura den Dulk, Marike Knoef, and Helen Tibboel offering valuable perspectives. Unfortunately, due to illness, LNVH board member Yvonne Benschop couldn't attend.

The discussion delved into biases in hiring, the crucial role of role models, and the need for more comprehensive diversity monitoring. The lively conversation, enriched by audience input, underscored the significance of transparent hiring policies, intersectional approaches, and fostering an inclusive culture. Insights spanned from understanding the impact of biases to recognizing the importance of inclusive cultures and intersectional monitoring.

Regarding monitoring, the conversation extended beyond gender to broader diversity dimensions, urging institutions to adopt an intersectional approach. The call for comprehensive monitoring tools underscored the importance of understanding the mechanisms of exclusion.

The dialogue prompted a call for a cultural shift, emphasizing the need for awareness and Recognition & Rewards to challenge existing norms and create environments where diverse perspectives flourish.

The audience actively participated, raising questions and contributing to the collective understanding of the issues at hand.

As the panel discussion concluded, the call to action resonated with the audience. Individuals were encouraged to challenge biases, support bottom-up initiatives, and advocate for inclusive policies. Tangible actions such as sharing gained knowledge, sponsoring young female researchers, and exchanging best practices were highlighted.

Photography: Melanie Lemahieu 

Watch the live stream recording here. N.B. Recordings of poor quality (below LNVH standards).