Yvonne Benschop joins the LNVH Board

1 Dec 2023

Yvonne Benschop joins the LNVH Board

As of today, December 1, prof. dr. Yvonne Benschop joins the LNVH Board.



Yvonne Benschop is Professor of Organisational Behavior at Radboud University Nijmegen, with a background in political science and business administration. She specializes in formal and informal organizational processes that lead to organizational inequalities, as well as interventions to change these processes and inequalities.

On the occasion of her appointment, we had a conversation with her about her background, gender equality, diversity, inclusion, and her vision for LNVH.

Read the interview in English here 

Read the interview in Dutch here

Yvonne Benschop will participate in the panel during the presentation of the Women Professors Monitor 2023, providing a great opportunity to get acquainted with her. More information about this presentation can be found here.

More information about the current LNVH board members can be found here.