Released: LNVH Conversation Cards

16 Oct 2023

Released: LNVH Conversation Cards

In September, the LNVH released a set of conversation cards: ‘How to foster psychological safety in academia’, designed to contribute to positive change within the academic community. The conversation cards, inspired by and based on the KNAW advisory report ‘Social Safety in Dutch Academia. From Paper to Practice’ (2022), are designed to help us delve deeper into psychological safety, to understand diverse perspectives, to reflect on our thoughts, actions and leadership responsibilities, and to collectively contribute to finding solutions with regard to tackling undesirable behavior.

The set of conversation cards were sent to, among others, the LNVH affiliates, all members of the Executive Boards of the universities, umbrella organizations, HR departments, women's networks, and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, as well as other interested parties. The reactions the LNVH received via e-mail and on social media have been overwhelming.

The cards are designed with the belief that each one of us, regardless of our position, can play a role in improving psychological safety within our universities. If you would like to receive a copy of your own, please provide your address using the form below. 


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