Prof. dr. Moniek Tromp interim chair LNVH

27 Jan 2023

Prof. dr. Moniek Tromp interim chair LNVH

The Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH) is proud to announce prof. dr. Moniek Tromp, scientific director of the Zernike Institute, professor of Material Chemistry at the University of Groningen and LNVH board member since April 2019, will take on the role as interim chair of LNVH, as the five year board term of outgoing chair prof. dr. Hanneke Takkenberg has ended. LNVH thanks Hanneke for her excellent and action-oriented presidency and is looking forward to the upcoming period with Moniek Tromp as its chairwomen. 

Hanneke Takkenberg leaves the LNVH as chair

During the period of Hanneke's chairwomanship a lot of milestones were reached. We highlight a few: the percentage of women professors increased from 20.9% to 26.7%, the LNVH introduced a new mission statement and the LNVH drew attention to the impact of the pandemic on the work and well-being of academics, and put the subject of social safety and harassment in academia firmly on the sector's agenda. 

This year the research on the impact of the pandemic will be continued, and a second research project will start on the topic 'Power and influence. Women in academic management'. Apart from these new projects, the LNVH will also continue all regular activities and projects in 2023 and is of course ready to respond to new individual requests and questions. We look forward to building on the solid foundations built by Hanneke and her predecessors. 

Each year, the chair of the LNVH sends the affiliates a New Year's message in which some of the LNVH's spearheads for that year are highlighted, and some of her own thoughts and reflections are shared. Read Moniek's first message to the network here