LNVH Spring Symposium - New perspectives on Academia - Registration open!

19 Apr 2019

LNVH Spring Symposium - New perspectives on Academia - Registration open!

How do we see the future of science and the future scientist?

On May 16, the LNVH Spring Symposium will focus on the development of a new approach to 'recognising and rewarding academics'. The recent statement launched by NWO, VSNU, NFU and ZonMW, the publication of the LNVH research report on the more hidden forms of pay in academia, the new report on ‘Harassment in Academia’ which will be published end of April and presented during the Spring Symposium and the upcoming event on May 23 about ‘the Scientist 2030’organised by NWO and ZonMw, with participation of LNVH, creates the perfect timing for an event.

During our Spring Symposium we want to work towards a concrete list of actions and recommendations to realise a systemic change on recognition and rewarding, that can serve as input for the Scientist 2030-event,  as well as a position paper to be presented to NWO, VSNU, NFU and ZonMw.

We want to do this with our keynote speakers and panellists, who will talk about systemic changes that need to be made, but we also want to hear your opinions and ideas for a more equal, rewarding and inclusive work culture in academia. By discussing with each other during the panel discussion, but also by exchanging views and ideas and reflect on your own role during the playful workshop ‘the Dilemma Game’.

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12.30   Welcome with coffee and tea

13.00-13h15u        Opening by LNVH chair Hanneke Takkenberg
13.15-13.30u  Keynote by Belle Derks, Full Professor Social  and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University, Chair of the KNAW Young Academy

  Title: Self-interested, self-confident and competitive. How the exceptionally masculine occupational stereotype in academia affects women
13.30-13.45u     Keynote by Marieke van den Brink, Professor of Gender and Diversity at the Radboud University Nijmegen
  Title: Hostile Environments; exploring harassment in the Dutch academic context

13.45-13.55u Introduction on systemic change in academia by Frank Baaijens, rector magnificus TU Eindhoven

13.55-14.30u Interview with Frank Baaijens, Belle Derks and Marieke van den Brink and dialogue and exchange of ideas with the audience. 
Theme: how are current systemic changes in academia going to result in more equality, diversity and inclusion?

  Moderator: Liesbeth Staats, journalist, tv-presenter and documentary maker

14.30-15.00u     Break

15.00-16.45u     The Dilemma Game by Morals at Work

16.45-17.00u     Plenary presentation of the outcomes of the workshops and the recommendations for the position paper on systemic change in academia

 17.00-17.30u    Drinks & Closing remarks LNVH

Be part of the change and work on concrete ideas to stimulate and strengthen an inclusive work climate.

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Looking forward to meeting you on May 16.

What / When / Where:

  • 2019 Spring Symposium
  • May 16, 2019
  • 12h30 Walk in
  • 13h00  – 17h30 Program
  • Muntgebouw, Leidseweg 90, 3531 BG Utrecht
  • Entrance: FREE
  • Working language: English