Openness to diversity: integrating local and global perspectives

8 Nov 2016

Openness to diversity: integrating local and global perspectives

Today as never before internationalization and immigration are very important policy topics throughout Europe. Being internationally leading and competitive university means tapping into the ‘riches of science’ (Geiger and Sa, 2008), which includes attract top talent from around the world. The University of Twente’s Strategy 2020 is strongly geared towards fostering internationalization. This includes attracting and fostering academic talent from abroad as well as finding ways of working together in the Dutch context. 

However, to ensure that attracted top talent thrives and has opportunities to succeed, successfully integration is paramount. This includes addressing and discussing cultural differences, communication styles and meanings of what counts as academic performance in different academic systems and at the UT. Further, when different cultures meet, strong differences in gender expectations and roles have to be made explicit and negotiated.

At the symposium 'Openness to diversity: integrating local and global perspectives', these issues and solutions are discussed.

Date: November 8, 2016
Location: Vrijhof building (Amphitheater) at the University of Twente

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