For women in academic careers: create your Leadership Road Map

29 Apr 2016

For women in academic careers: create your Leadership Road Map

Tiara - Inspiring Women’s Leadership (an appreciated LNVH connection) is regularly offering workshops for women in academia.

The Leadership Road Map Workshop is for women in academic careers who understand that they are leaders in their life, because of the choices and decisions they make in everyday situations: both professional and private. They are ready to take charge and lead others in a way that is natural to them.

During this workshop you will create your Leadership Road Map: an integrated, focused and inspiring master plan to guide your choices powerfully. You will refresh or identify your core values and callings and upgrade your habits. You will redefine and affirm who you are being as a leader. You will conclude by integrating these ingredients with your key priorities and outcomes for the year in your Leadership Road Map.

The Road Map will serve as your point of reference during the year ahead. It will keep you aware of the leader you are, in both your professional and personal life. It will remind you at any time and in any circumstance,  how to lead in your own natural way, with ease and presence.

You will leave the workshop refreshed, knowing who is in charge and feeling firmly connected to your inner source of inspiration.

You will also leave the workshop with the inspiration and support of the other women. Whereas the Road Map is unique to you, the mechanisms that throw you in and out of your leadership are universal: you will receive a best practice to work together on staying on course.

Within a month after the workshop you will have an individual coaching session to finetune your Leadership Road Map and to discuss how to make best use of it.

More information on registration and fees can be found here.