'Diversity and Inclusion: why it matters'

20 Apr 2017

'Diversity and Inclusion: why it matters'

On 20 April the Amsterdam Research Centre for Gender & Sexuality together with students from the Utrecht University master's programme Gender Studies organise the symposium Diversity and Inclusion: why it matters.

Most of our adult lives are spent working, which is why it is imperative to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities and that the corporate atmosphere is an inclusive one. Why is it important for corporations and organizations to aim for a diverse environment and to be inclusive? What are the benefits for employers, and employees alike? What does a diverse and inclusive working environment look like and, most importantly, how can it be achieved? 

These are just some of the questions that this symposium aims to answer. Through four talks from both academics and professionals in the field of diversity and inclusion, and Q&A and discussion sessions, you will be engaged to think about the future of diversity and inclusion in the corporate atmosphere.


  • Dr Conny Roggeband, researcher and assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam. Roggeband has written on the politicization of gender-based violence, gender mainstreaming and equality policies, social movements and transnational feminist networking. She has just completed teaching a new course 'Diversity in contemporary organizations: a challenge and an asset'. 
  • Frédérique Reijnierse, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist at KPMG. Frédérique works at the Taskforce Diversity & Inclusion at KPMG Nederland, where she designs, implements and executes a set of different diversity and inclusion programmes.

Date: April 20, 13.00-17.00h
Location: Science Park, Amsterdam

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