Board & Bureau

Els Goulmy


Prof.dr. Els Goulmy (1946) was appointed professor in 1999. On the 11th of November 2011 she retired from the Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum as professor of Transplant Biology.
In 2002 she received the ‘Spinozapremie’ for her work in this field.
On the first of May 2012, after being president and board member of the LNVH for more than ten years, Goulmy retired.

Why were you active in this network?
“There have been some perceptible changes, but I feel that women occupy higher academic psoitions at far too slow a rate. A real turn-around in mentality has to be achieved, both in men AND women. Both should stop thinking of careers in traditional ways. Even now, women have to put far more on hold to attain a higher academic position, than men. I feel that this is unjust.”

Assessment of output
“More awareness in selection procedures is a prerequisite. Women have continued and linear careers far less often than men. They have been out of the game for a few years because of children, may have worked on part-time basis for a while, or have gained experience outside the academic world. The output on their CV should therefore be assessed based on different criteria. One should look at how much a certain person has produced in the years they were active. The end result of such an assessment might be very different, indeed!”

Part-time work
“I promote women’s careers. Almost all of the women in my team work on part-time basis. They are accustomed to filling in for each other. That is the kind of cooperation we need. Management is key; that is what women are good at. Just look at how they manage a job and a household. Women in part-time jobs do excellent jobs, they are extremely motivated."