Affiliates Meeting 2017

Landelijke Bijeenkomst voor Aangeslotenen 2017

Cultural change or ‘cultuuromslag’: a buzzword often heard when talking about diversity and inclusion in academia. And although regularly used, the concept remains vague, as many of you have pointed out. What does cultural change mean exactly, and why is it needed? How can we trigger these changes? As LNVH, we recognize your need to further discuss, clarify, and make concrete. Therefore, we decided to dedicate this year’s Affiliates Meeting to ‘cultural change in academia’. 

On December 12, the LNVH Affiliates meeting will take place in the Muntgebouw in Utrecht. This event is being organised specifically for LNVH affiliates – in other words, for you! We would like to welcome you from 14h00 onwards, the programme will be ending at around 18h30. Registration is now open!

What to expect?

A 'cultural change' is needed to stimulate and encourage the promotion of women in Dutch academia, is often said. After all, progress in reaching a proportionate representation of women is slow, despite numerous equal opportunity initiatives and policies set in place by universities. But what do we mean when we talk about ‘culture in academia’? How can we define the implicit patterns that are at play here, which shape the way women are positioned within the structures of the academy? And of course, how to move forward from this? 

LNVH board member Halleh Ghorashi (LNVH Board & VU University) kicks off the meeting by sharing some of her observations and ideas about patterns of exclusion in Dutch academia. Keynote speaker Heather Savigny (De Montfort University, Leicester UK) will then explore how cultural norms and practices feature in women’s structural disadvantage in academia. After her lecture, she will be interviewed by moderator Katinka Baehr. And of course, there will be plenty of room for asking your questions and sharing your experiences and ideas.

Traditionally, the Affiliates Meeting is exclusively for LNVH affiliates. However, because of the importance of the theme, we will be inviting (a select number of) HR advisors and (chief) diversity officers as well. By including this group into the dialogue, we hope to strengthen the links between scientific and supportive staff.

Like last year, the Affiliates Meeting will be followed by the presentation of the Women Professors Monitor 2017. The Monitor offers insight into the current ratio of men to women in academia and an overview of the current percentages of male and female professors and board members at Dutch universities, university medical centres, and other academic organisations. More details about this presentation will follow shortly.

Of course, after the meeting, you will have ample time to meet other affiliates, talk to the LNVH board members, and discuss the current state of play at your university.


-LNVH Affiliates Meeting 2017 and Presentation Women Professors Monitor 2017
-12 December 2017
-14h00 (registration and coffee, start 15h00) – 18h30
-Muntgebouw Utrecht (Leidseweg 90)
-Admission fee 50 euro
-Working language English (Affiliates Meeting) and Dutch (Presentation Monitor)
-Registration via this link

The preliminary programme is attached. Working language of the Affiliates Meeting is English – the Monitor Women Professors will be presented in Dutch. The admission fee is set at 50 euro. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can be reached via  or 030 600 1360. 

As for now: you can register via this link. We hope to meet you on December 12!