Chair in Collaborative Governance

Chair in Collaborative Governance

Job Description

With the chair in Collaborative Governance the department aims to expand the current New Public Governance (NPG) research program into promising new research areas. In order to be able to establish a research group, the chairholder may hire a tenure track assistant professor.

The current academic governance debate arises from broad societal developments, such as globalization, individualization and digitalization which have created ‘wicked’ problems. These problems, in turn, call for new forms of public governance: public institutions disaggregate and realign in increasingly complex forms; hybridization and collaboration are becoming the norm. An important trend in public governance is that in addition to the traditional government actors, other actors – such as (sometimes angry) citizens, companies, and societal partners – play an ever larger role. The chair will focus on this multi-stakeholder field that Ansell and Torfing (2018) describe as interactive or collaborative governance, being the interaction between a plethora of public and private actors as the vehicle for initiating, designing and implementing policies and regulations. 


Deadline: 1 May 2021

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